A music website that embraces content curation

Imagine this - a record company website that relies on its artists' social media activity to provide engaging content for visitors. That's exactly what Interscope Records has done following the revamp of its website this week. It has turned its homepage into a Pinterest-style experience that relies on the social media updates of its artists, such as Lady Gaga, Eminem, No Doubt and Lana Del Rey.

The website - www.interscope.com - draws in feeds and activity from Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram to drive its new online presence. So you can expect a mixture of real-time Facebook posts, YouTube videos and the latest tweets from all your favourite artists. Music will also be included from Spotify and there'll be a mix of videos from YouTube channels and photographs from various networks.

This is a very clever way to attract the very people who wouldn't normally want to follow or engage with a record label. Traditionally, people have always preferred to engage with the artists, not really caring about who looks after them behind the scenes.

Although the record label will want to promote individual artists and bands under its umbrella, it will naturally want to build its own reputation as one of the world's leading record companies. And by pulling together social content from all of its artists, it is ticking a lot of boxes - supporting those it represents while making a name for itself on the social networks.

Using social-data curation will also help Interscope to build an interesting picture of its business and operations. It will help add the human element, which people crave these days thanks to the Internet and its impact on the way we communicate. And even better - it gives people the chance to comment or tweet on every piece of content, plus they can sign in with their existing social accounts.

Oh and it's not bad for SEO either as we've clearly seen Google's take on social and the web during its most recent algorithm updates. Websites that 'get' social will only gain brownie points with the world's largest search engine.

But it's nothing new. This social-data and content curation has been done before. We've seen it becoming an increasingly popular tool on brand websites. But why are brands and businesses doing this now? Because it's a clever form of content marketing where a business collects the best content related to a specific subject or niche then delivers that content to its target audience. It also integrates 'social' and recognises that the web is becoming more and more 'social', blurring the lines of what we can expect on today's websites.

In this case, Interscope are recognising that its audience love celebrities and musicians. Social media has allowed them to 'follow' and engage with their heroes and heroines like never before. By curating the social activity of its artists, it is tapping into a social generation's needs and providing the very thing that people want most - quality, engaging content.

Katy Cowan

Manchester, England,