Why online shopping is changing

I love browsing the web for fashion. Seeking out all the latest dresses, shoes and accessories - it's my favourite way to spend a Sunday morning whilst sipping a cup of tea. But these days, I've got less time to hang about. And with the overwhelming amount of choice from retailers, brands and online directories, I am increasingly turning to digital solutions that make my life easier. Solutions that make online shopping a breeze.

And I'm not alone. There are millions of us out there doing the same. That's why fashion brands are adapting to suit our needs. They're providing solutions that keep us buying their stock season after season. But who's doing it? And what are they providing to make online shopping a delight rather than a hindrance?

Just look at websites like ShopStyle. They are a type of digital curation that bring everything you need into one place. If I've got a specific item in mind (and let's face it - most of us have) then I can type it into ShopStyle and quickly find everything that's currently available from a wide range of online stores. For instance, put 'Navy Skirt' into ShopStyle's search box and I get hundreds of different choices at my fingertips. It saves me the hassle of trawling through the web myself. It solves a problem. Job done.

But it's not just about the curation of content that makes our lives easier. We also want inspiration. We want to be told what to wear, what's in fashion and what will go with those red shoes. That's why individual retailers are increasingly providing extra content on their websites to meet our needs.

Take Miss Selfridge as an example. They have special features to inspire women and they also have their own Style Diaries, a blog that shares a whole load of interesting fashion updates. Oasis has a Be Inspired section. While Asos - the current fashion giant on the web - has its own Fashion Finder where its community share their own loves and inspirations, all nicely linked up to its retail side of things.

If you think about it, retailers are almost turning into fashion magazines. They're understanding that the way we shop isn't as straightforward as they once thought. We do a lot of browsing and research before handing over our cash. We want to see what other people are wearing before we make up our minds. It's clear that online shopping is changing and it's content that is becoming king.

Katy Cowan

Manchester, England,