World's first 'Tweet Shop' goes viral

Here's a clever campaign from Kellogg's for you. The popular cereal maker launched the world's first 'tweet' shop in London recently, allowing customers to 'pay by tweet' instead of money for its Special K savoury crisps. Customers simply had to tweet a message about the low calorie snack and share the news with their followers to pay for a packet of Cracker Crisps.

The shop, located on Soho's Meard Street in London, is staffed by a number of iconic Special K girls in red dresses who check each customer's tweet before handing over the crisps.

The result? Well, we published the story on our online magazine, Creative Boom and subsequently enjoyed the biggest ever number of visitors to our site since its inception in 2009. Our Twitter feed of 'mentions' was buzzing with people re-tweeting the story every single minute of the day for over 24 hours and, three weeks later, people are still sharing the article via their social networks. In fact, over 25,000 people visited Creative Boom simply to read about the 'tweet shop' and over 100k people 'liked' the story on Facebook - and those are just the ones we can account for.

We loved the idea - some people disliked it. But whatever anyone thought about the 'tweet shop', it was certainly a very clever viral marketing campaign that fully exploited the power of social media. Anyone for a low fat crisp? Where did I put my iPhone...

Katy Cowan

Manchester, England,