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Boomerang is an independent PR agency in Manchester. We build, manage and protect reputations for some of the world's leading brands, delivering integrated PR and marketing communications through a range of channels.

Established in 2009, we can turn our expertise to just about any industry. But we tend to specialise in the creative, health and wellbeing, lifestyle and technology sectors. Our clients include BBC, TATA Group, Johnson Tiles and Shillington College.

What sets us apart from other PR agencies is our wealth of internal technical expertise. We have our own developers and software specialists who ensure that our marketing communications are effective across all digital platforms. 

We even run Creative Boom – an online magazine for the creative industries, reaching half a million monthly readers and attracting advertisers such as Yahoo, Samsung, Adobe, BBC, Vimeo, Squarespace, Laura Ashley and Creative England. Creative Boom isn't just an excellent example of our PR skills; it's beneficial to all our clients, as they're able to access our huge and loyal international audience.

What we do

Our team – which includes PR consultants, journalists, copywriters, developers, designers, SEO experts and business advisors – is passionate about making a real, tangible difference to your business for the long term.

Like a Boomerang, our approach is cyclical. We offer integrated marketing communications, combining all our skills, to ensure that your PR and digital efforts work in harmony to deliver superb return on your investment.

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