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  1. Chris Moriarty

    How Google’s new TV search response tracking helps join the dots between marketing channels

    26th May 2015 in Marketing, Technology, Web by Chris Moriarty

    Marketers have long searched for intelligent ways of integrating their online campaigns with their offline marketing. But the difficulty has often been in tracking the results of more traditional efforts such as print media or television advertising, particularly when compared to the increasingly intelligent data available for digital channels. 

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  2. Glenn Hickling

    The future’s bright. The future’s Google Cardboard

    20th May 2015 in Technology by Glenn Hickling

    Google Cardboard, Google’s home-assembly virtual reality headset, has the potential to become a household name, just as soon as the applications catch up with the hardware. The genius of the idea lies in its simplicity - and therefore, accessibility. The device is made of thick cardboard, of the kind that a TV might come boxed in...

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  3. Katy Cowan

    Facebook launches Instant Articles for publishers

    13th May 2015 in Social Media, Content Marketing by Katy Cowan

    Are you sitting comfortably? Are you ready for the next cultural shift in journalism? The world's biggest social network has confirmed that content is indeed king with today's launch of Instant Articles, a new product for publishers to create fast, interactive articles on its platform and benefit millions of its users who love to access news on their smartphones...

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  4. Katy Cowan

    Hooked Online: How internet use has ballooned in the last decade

    12th May 2015 in Web by Katy Cowan

    People are spending twice as much time online compared to 10 years ago, with young people aged between 16 and 24 spending more than 27 hours a week on the internet. That's according to communications watchdog Ofcom...

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  5. Tilly Martin

    General Election 2015: Has this been our first social media election?

    7th May 2015 in Social Media by Tilly Martin

    Social media continues to disrupt and transform the way brands market their products and services, with content and conversation often being the most effective way to reach customers online. So it's no surprise that politicians have yet again turned to Twitter and Facebook during #GE2015 in a bid to influence more voters...

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  6. Laura Collinson

    Will Mattel’s marketing overhaul for Barbie translate into sales?

    17th April 2015 in Marketing, Social Media by Laura Collinson

    The sales of Barbie have dropped for a sixth consecutive quarter according to The Drum, as the toy struggles to “stay relevant amid the popularity of connected toys” – however hard its creator Mattel attempts to present the doll as more technically savvy than ever before. But is the company targeting its product to the right market?

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  7. Tilly Martin

    2015’s top April Fools’ Day pranks from around the world

    1st April 2015 in Public Relations by Tilly Martin

    The first of April is always a bit different compared to the start of every other month. With people all over the world setting up pranks to fool their gullible friends and family, it’s a tradition that we always seem to forget about… until the joke is on us, that is...

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  8. Katy Cowan

    Why the art and design world is at the forefront of content marketing, and why that might change

    6th March 2015 in Content Marketing by Katy Cowan

    Brands are slowly but surely starting to realise something. That traditional marketing is no longer having the same impact. They’re discovering that content is the way forward. Not in the old “let’s just write a press release and whack it out there” sense. More in the kind of visual, engaging sense where something is so good it can naturally go viral and be willingly shared amongst thousands, even millions of people worldwide...

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  9. Katy Cowan

    Creative Boom, our online publishing platform, attracts record visitors

    2nd March 2015 in News by Katy Cowan

    Just when we thought our online magazine Creative Boom couldn't grow any further, it has just experienced its best month on record with a surge of more than 160,000 visitors in February alone...

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  10. Laura Collinson

    How Fifty Shades of Grey whipped the retail industry into a frenzy and sparked a publicity chain reaction

    12th February 2015 in Public Relations, Social Media by Laura Collinson

    For the past two years there’s been no escaping the Fifty Shades of Grey phenomena. For anyone not already well-versed in the colourful world of S&M, the edgy love story between the innocent Anastasia and the dominant Christian Grey by E.L. James not only provided a glimpse into the normally off-limits segment of society, but swung the doors wide open for all to see. For 12 solid months it felt as though every Kindle was harbouring a hidden secret, for both women and men across the globe...

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