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  1. Katy Cowan

    A moving tribute to Mr Manchester, celebrating the life of Tony Wilson

    12th August 2015 in Boomerang News by Katy Cowan

    At Boomerang, we're proud to be supporting our friends RetroFuzz in spreading the message about a poignant charity tribute they're involved with, celebrating the life of the legendary Tony Wilson. Set to be released this Friday with a music video featuring celebrity friends and fans including Iggy Pop, Steve Coogan, New Order, Peter Saville, Shaun Ryder, Christopher Eccleston and many more...

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  2. Glenn Hickling

    To be relevant in five years, make your business worth talking about

    4th August 2015 in Public Relations by Glenn Hickling

    When asked where marketing was going by the Economist and what marketers should do to stay relevant as the game changes even more, the influential blogger/author Seth Godin said: “The short answer is five words long: 'Make things worth talking about'...

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  3. Becci Sharpe

    The Great Migration: How people are ditching London for other UK cities

    29th July 2015 in Manchester by Becci Sharpe

    Tired of London, tired of life. So goes the old saying from Samuel Johnson. But these days people are moving out of the capital to get a life! Bought out, pushed out or just plain fed up of the pressures, costs and commutes – now more than ever people are turning away from London’s pull...

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  4. Glenn Hickling

    You write like you’ve seen a ghost…how great ghost-writers really get to grips with someone else’s voice

    23rd July 2015 in Public Relations, Marketing, Content by Glenn Hickling

    I stumbled upon an article on PR Daily this week, entitled Two questions ghostwriters should ask, which had been written to help PR pros achieve ‘the proper mentality for ghost-writing’, as content marketing is a growing part of the job. 

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  5. Glenn Hickling

    Branding is dead. Viva la reputation!

    17th July 2015 in Public Relations by Glenn Hickling

    It takes eight derogatory comments on social media to have a negative influence on buying decisions. Eight is a remarkably small number in a world where there are 6000 tweets per second and more than a billion active Facebook users...

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  6. Glenn Hickling

    How long is an office worker’s concentration span - and what does this mean for marketers?

    6th July 2015 in Marketing, Digital Marketing by Glenn Hickling

    How often do you check your email? Once, twice, three hundred times a day? There is a Pavlov’s Dogs’ type response to pings of notification, a muscle memory takeover that beseeches you to peruse the latest mail… and if you’ve got notifications turned off, the fear of missing out is even worse...

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  7. Katy Cowan

    The tools, apps and software Boomerang PR loves to use

    1st July 2015 in Boomerang News by Katy Cowan

    When it comes to successfully running an agency, managing client accounts, launching PR campaigns, handling social media and creating engaging content – there is a wealth of tools, apps and resources out there to help achieve it all. As we live in exciting times when technology just keeps getting better...

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  8. Katy Cowan

    Boomerang wins another two clients, and appoints two further staff

    30th June 2015 in Boomerang News by Katy Cowan

    Boomerang is growing. Fast. We've just won two new clients and have subsequently employed a PR Account Manager and PR Account Executive. Hedges Direct – a leading online retailer of quality hedging plants – has appointed Boomerang as its new national PR agency. Founded in 2005, the...

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  9. Laura Collinson

    Online versus offline: Is traditional media still relevant?

    18th June 2015 in Public Relations, Marketing, Web, Content by Laura Collinson

    The familiar question ‘Is print media dead?’ has been given a new lease of life. Following the announcement that Manchester, and other UK cities, will be getting a new free paper, which strives to flip the current approach to news on its head, the online versus offline debate has once again resurfaced. The idea to launch a limited edition run of ‘old media’ was dreamt up by none other than technology giant Microsoft, and so we explore the question – do people still have the need for traditional media, in the fast paced, digital era we live in today?

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  10. Glenn Hickling

    PR and Customer Service: Does your left hand know what the right one’s doing?

    16th June 2015 in Public Relations, Social Media by Glenn Hickling

    Twitter has come of age as a customer service channel, and is now regarded by customers as the easiest way to get answers to their questions. The 2015 Eptica Multichannel Customer Experience Study shows that Twitter is now the quickest, most reliable way for customers to enquire: the average response time is 5 hours 27 mins, compared to a glacial 44 hours for an emailed question. We are living in a world where customer experiences are readily shared, and even go on to be news stories in traditional media outlets. 

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