A photograph for Burgess Furniture is one of the winners of this year's Portrait of Britain

Last year, I advised my client Burgess Furniture to invest in some fresh photography to help celebrate its 60th anniversary. The British furniture maker was launching its first bedroom range and naming new pieces after its staff to mark the special milestone.

We really needed to make sure we had lots of visual content in place before we shouted about the story on social media and to press. So I picked up the phone to trusted friend and collaborator Isy Anderson of Photography by Anderson, and asked if she’d like to help create lots of new imagery for Burgess.

As always, Isy was full of creative ideas and spent two days at the Burgess factory, capturing the process of the chairs being made and shooting portraits of the people who have had some named after them.

One particular shot was entered into the annual Portrait of Britain competition, organised by the British Journal of Photography. And this week, it was announced that the portrait of Viram Khunti is one of the winning images.

Isy and I are, of course, thrilled at the news. It’s great for everyone involved. I asked Isy how she felt and she said: “Viram is a very positive representation of this country and to us his portrait is the antithesis of all of the negative press that the British industry has been getting in the run up to Brexit. It tells a story of loyalty, diversity, determination, the reward of hard work and perhaps shows us a glimpse of a part of British culture, the job for life, which is fast fading into the past.”

The winning images will be displayed as part of the Portrait of Britain exhibition from 2 September, to be viewed across the country for one month. They’ll also be available in a book, published by Hoxton Mini Press, which will launch on 5 September. Congrats again to Photography by Anderson and my client Burgess Furniture.

© Photography by Anderson

© Photography by Anderson

Katy Cowan