Boomerang helps Shillington to supercharge its content and attract record traffic

One of the unlikely developments of Boomerang over the past 10 years, is how we've increasingly merged with our sister company, Creative Boom. The magazine was something we started as a side "passion" project but has now become an integral part of our business.

We have many clients who benefit from the two – one of which is Shillington, which provides graphic design courses via six campuses around the world. With Creative Boom's audience being, well, creative, we were the perfect fit when they were looking for PR support in early 2015.

Since then, we've helped its marketing team to develop a comprehensive editorial strategy and craft engaging content, not just for its own blog and social media channels, but for Creative Boom as well.

Of the 412 articles Shillington published on its own blog throughout 2016, 10 out of the top 16 were a collaboration with Boomerang. In fact, its top post – 50 Design Blogs You Have to Read in 2016 – (which was our idea and we wrote) received nearly 63,000 page views, 52,000 of which came through organic search. 

But that was just on Shillington's own website. On Creative Boom, three of its posts were in the top 20 "most read" articles in 2016, with the top one attracting over 70,000 unique visitors.

From Boomerang and the consultancy, copywriting and PR expertise we're able to provide, right through to Creative Boom and our monthly audience of 500,000 engaged readers (and 200,000 social media followers), we certainly pack a punch and bring excellent value for money to our creative clients. So much so, Shillington has just signed up for another year of support.