Boomerang pops along to G . F Smith's new Show Space

At the end of 2016, G . F Smith opened a door on Eastcastle Street, W1, to a beautiful new space dedicated to "celebrating the visual and tactile experience of paper". As lovers of creativity and colour, we popped along to Show Space to discover more.

Housed over two floors in an elegant dark-grey building just off Oxford Street (and just around the corner from our client Material Lab), it's a place where you can meet the brand's paper consultants and enjoy an immersive insight into its remarkable products and 131-year-old history.

As you walk into the ground floor space, you're immediately blown away by the 14-metre "Collection Wall", presenting every paper G . F Smith has created or discovered, spanning every shade in its iconic Colorplan range. 

Wander downstairs into the basement, and you'll find the "White Space" gallery, somewhere we can expect an ever-changing backdrop of displays and exhibitions.

Kicking off proceedings is Tidal, an ocean-themed G . F Smith contribution to Kyoorius Designyatra festival, held in the pink city of Jaipur in September, to mark the launch of Colorplan in India. Designed by Made Thought, the installation fills the space with a spectacularly colourful undulating seascape created in vertically installed rolls of Colorplan paper. If you're worried about knocking any over, believe me – we were too. But we were assured each tube was as secure as it can be, and could quickly be reassembled, should anything happen.

Meanwhile, back upstairs, Turbulence is Show Space’s equally eye-catching window installation, inspired by air, echoes and intensifies this riot of colour, where rods of coloured paper are seemingly hurled from one end to the other, creating an explosive and dynamic visual effect. Just beautiful. 

Make sure you take the time to book a tour at Show Space. Be aware, it's not something you can just walk in to; you have to arrange an appointment. Find out more at All photography by Guy Archard.