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  1. Katy Cowan

    The ultimate SEO checklist for discerning bloggers

    20th January 2015 in SEO by Katy Cowan

    If you’re looking to attract more visitors to your website then did you know that your blog could be the key to achieving that goal? That’s because the largest traffic source to most blogs isn’t social media or direct visitors, it’s Google and good old organic search...

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  2. Katy Cowan

    Why it’s important to remember that marketing is about people

    14th October 2014 in Public Relations, Marketing, Social Media, SEO, Online Advertising, Content Marketing by Katy Cowan

    It’s easy to get lost in the world of PR and marketing, focusing only on the goal of your efforts and all those juicy stats and figures, when you’re forgetting that one crucial component – and that’s people...

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  3. Laura Collinson

    What does Google’s ‘right to be forgotten’ initiative mean to you?

    7th July 2014 in Technology, SEO by Laura Collinson

    There has been much talk of late about Google’s ‘right to be forgotten’ initiative, but many are still asking what it actually means.

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  4. Katy Cowan

    Google launches Hummingbird: the biggest algorithm change in three years

    29th September 2013 in SEO by Katy Cowan

    Marking Google's 15th birthday, Hummingbird is apparently the biggest change to the world's most popular search engine since its 'Caffeine' update in 2010, which accounted for speedier indexing of websites and delivery of search results...

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  5. Katy Cowan

    Google Penguin - the fallout facts and how to recover

    13th July 2012 in SEO by Katy Cowan

    It's been over two months since Google unleashed 'Penguin' into the jungle of the web, its latest Algorithm update. The move, which is part of its ongoing push to keep search pages full of high quality content, has undoubtedly affected thousands of UK firms who were once top of the charts for their chosen keywords but who are now nowhere to be seen...

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  6. Katy Cowan

    Will Google Now be cool or too invasive?

    29th June 2012 in SEO by Katy Cowan

    Have you heard about Google's latest offering? They gave us a glimpse of the future on Wednesday after they revealed 'Google Now' - a new feature which acts as a personal assistant on Android smartphones. Rolling out as part of the next update to Google's own mobile operating system, the feature will...

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  7. Katy Cowan

    The new Google Algorithm and its impact on SEO

    19th March 2012 in SEO by Katy Cowan

    Google is set for the biggest search engine overhaul in its history in the coming months. The Internet giant is introducing a new search algorithm, something that will place more emphasis on quality, relevant content rather than sites that have a huge emphasis on SEO...

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  8. Katy Cowan

    Why it's never been just about SEO

    17th February 2012 in SEO by Katy Cowan

    I've wanted to write this article for a while. It's been something that keeps popping up in conversations with clients or other companies. I want to explore why successful digital marketing has never been just about SEO. Because it would seem too many people place too much emphasis on Search Engine Optimisation...

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  9. Katy Cowan

    Why Google's new algorithm shouldn't be ignored

    7th November 2011 in SEO by Katy Cowan

    Last week, Google announced a big change to its search algorithm - something that is due to impact 35 percent of all web searches. This update builds on the search engine's previous 'Caffeine' update, which aims to deliver more relevant and up-to-date search results, mainly to do with those areas where freshness is key...

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  10. Katy Cowan

    How will the biggest shakeup to domain names affect brands?

    20th June 2011 in SEO by Katy Cowan

    What interesting news today about Icann announcing the huge expansion of web domain names, all set to kick off in 2012. Apparently, the internet naming board has decided to allow the number of domains to expand on its biggest scale yet. It's a very exciting update and one of the biggest changes ever to how we're able to name our websites. But when can we expect new website suffixes to appear? It's believed we'll start seeing things come through...

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