Our Creative Boom magazine gets a fresh look and website

01 CB-Homepage.jpg

Celebrating eight years since its inception, a redesigned Creative Boom has launched today, as part of a wider brand refresh that has been rolled out on its website, social media channels, and email newsletters.

Built by Boomerang and designed in collaboration with freelance designer Samantha Wilkinson, the fresh approach provides a cleaner, easier to navigate design that also adds personality to better reflect the ethos of our magazine – to celebrate, inspire and support the creative community.

Of course, we’ve always aimed to be friendly and approachable, supporting creative professionals no matter how experienced or established. We wanted our new design to inject that warmth and personality, reaffirming our mission to be as helpful and supportive as possible to those working in the creative industries.

As well as a refined logo, we've introduced a new icon for Creative Boom that features as an avatar across its social media channels, but also appears as you scroll its website. The eyes, which represent the two Os in the word “Boom”, follow the mouse cursor as you move it around the screen. The icon also appears in the website’s favicon, appearing wide-awake if the visitor is active on the page, or half asleep if they are browsing elsewhere.

02 CB-Article.jpg
12 CB-Homepage-Mobile.jpg

To build intrigue and excitement in the weeks leading up to the launch, we provided sneak peeks of Creative Boom’s new branding with the icon playing the central focus of the campaign theme.

A new palette has also been introduced to colour-code the different sections of Creative Boom, and fresh typography has been applied using fonts Apercu, Libre Baskerville, and Suisse Works. In terms of the magazine’s layout, it has moved away from its dull grid of rectangular thumbnails to introduce different sized images and content throughout.


To see the new Creative Boom and discover what has changed, visit www.creativeboom.com.