1. Becci Sharpe

    The Great Migration: How people are ditching London for other UK cities

    29th July 2015 in Manchester by Becci Sharpe

    Tired of London, tired of life. So goes the old saying from Samuel Johnson. But these days people are moving out of the capital to get a life! Bought out, pushed out or just plain fed up of the pressures, costs and commutes – now more than ever people are turning away from London’s pull...

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  2. Glenn Hickling

    Spending is back, but has it changed?

    28th May 2015 in Marketing, Web, SEO by Glenn Hickling

    The latest Neilsen Consumer Confidence Index (published 27 May 2015) shows that the typical householder is more relaxed about spending money than at any point in the last nine years, and the average household has 10% more disposable income than compared to twelve months ago. Record numbers of people, 51%, believe that the UK is no longer in recession.

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  3. Liz Wilson

    All you need is a logo...?

    8th March 2011 in Marketing by Liz Wilson

    Looking for the first step in re-branding your business? Create a logo. But don’t let it become your only focus. Why? Because the logo isn’t the only aspect of a successful company. What do I mean by this? Well, when we think about a brand we often think about the logo, such as the McDonands golden arches or the Nike tick. The logo is considered the identity of the brand itself, but does this image have any real impact on the company?...

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  4. Katy Cowan

    Is social media killing the recruitment industry?

    31st January 2011 in Social Media by Katy Cowan

    There was a time, not so long ago, when businesses always employed recruitment agencies to find quality candidates and the candidates always used recruitment agencies to find decent jobs. Since the explosion of social media, it seems that things are changing. The recruitment industry, apparently worth over £19.7 billion here in the UK, is feeling the effects of the growing popularity of 'social recruiting'. This being more and more employers and company bosses using social media instead of consultants to find people to recruit...

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  5. Katy Cowan

    Why digital marketing is a wise investment

    4th January 2011 in Marketing by Katy Cowan

    I must admit, the first day back after Christmas is always a bit depressing. Lots of emails to catch up on and work to start ploughing through after a lovely festive break. But coupled with David Cameron's Christmas message of doom and gloom for 2011 and today's VAT rise, it's already looking like a tough year for many of us. Like many, I bet you're feeling a little, well... deflated to say the least. Subsequently, I'm sure your first priority this January is to focus on winning new clients, improving your business and general...

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  6. Katy Cowan

    Why criticism is your best weapon

    16th December 2010 in Marketing by Katy Cowan

    Putting out surveys and asking for customer feedback is something every business should do on a regular basis. It should be an integral part of any company's business plan. But many fear the answers they might receive, worried that everything will come back negative. It's really nothing to worry about because criticism is your best weapon in business. Sure, it's nice to get comments like 'you're doing a great job!' or 'I think you're perfect just the way you are!'...

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  7. Katy Cowan

    What about the competition?

    13th December 2010 in Marketing by Katy Cowan

    It's a funny old business world sometimes. Companies being wary of one another, keeping an eye on what their competition is doing and always worrying about getting left behind. Particularly in this uncertain economic period and age of austerity, you can understand why 'the competition' is always niggling at the back of some business owner's minds. At Boomerang, we don't worry about the competition. Not because we're arrogant - far from it! But because we know that we can't control the competition and we certainly can't control what potential customers will do...

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  8. Katy Cowan

    Why it's good to be flexible in business

    8th December 2010 in Marketing by Katy Cowan

    A lovely client of ours recently gave us some fantastic praise and feedback. On talking about the way we had dealt with her and provided support, she said we were 'outstanding'. Why? Because we'd been flexible and provided support to suit her needs and budget, not our own. She explained that whilst browsing around for initial agency support...

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  9. Katy Cowan

    Why small is the new big

    27th October 2010 in Public Relations by Katy Cowan

    When it comes to business, one would assume that big is better. But big is old hat because small happened. Small is the new big. I love reading Seth Godin's 'Small is the new Big' as it reads "Big used to matter. Big meant economies of scales...Big meant power and profit and growth... And then small happened... Enron (big) got audited by Anderson (big) and failed (big)...

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  10. Katy Cowan

    Image is everything... or is it?

    21st October 2010 in Marketing by Katy Cowan

    In the world of business, you want to hire suppliers who look the business. Because as humans, we naturally trust and lean towards brands that look like they provide high quality products or services. That's why image is everything in business. And why millions of pounds is spent on branding and marketing each and every day...

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